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Sai Baba was a yogi, fakir, and a sage who is yet honoured as a saint by his devotees who are scattered across two different religions – Hinduism and Islam. He is regarded as an avatar of Lord Shiva and thus he is very popular throughout India. Though many books authored by famous researchers elucidate his life right from his adulthood to his last days, no official book goes on record to throw light on his childhood particularly. This has indeed aroused interest about his birth and the manner in which his holiness came into being.

Supposedly, Sai Baba got into his sacred status by conquering basic human penchants for things that perish. It is believed that he had a priority which was to realize his self so deep that he could actually think about exploring his role and what he needed to do to serve humanity better. For this reason, he is venerated by a slew of humane people located all over the world. As a saint he found it as his duty to educate people by setting a few protocol on love, compassion, man to man help, inner tranquillity, dedication to the almighty and guru.

He was a single source from which common beliefs of two different religions had taken roots. He did not see any major difference between Hinduism and Islam and to prove this to the people who rebuked his ideology he went a step forward to name the mosque that he lived in as “Dwarakamayi”.

His life is a model and all his followers get stirred while reading his biography which encompasses some monumental feats that no ordinary human could visualize to accomplish. He lived to preach a simple belief which he often recites as “Sabka Malik Ek”. It means one god governs all. Yes, his broadminded religious beliefs are still very influential in the lives of scores of his worshippers.


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My eye is ever on those who love me
Have faith and patience. Then I will be always with you wherever you are

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