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Temple Priest This temple deserves a lot of respect and admiration for its structure, specialties and significance. So does the temple priest. Shri Sai Baba is served by the temple priest who is put up in striking distance from the temple. The temple priest Krishnamacharyulu Panduri is so strong in the ritualistic aspects and has the knowledge of how to perform special poojas and do offerings to the lords who are being worshipped in this  temple.

Being a native of this place, Krishnamacharyulu Panduri is very dedicated to his service to God and is always seen to show warmth and friendliness to the worshippers who visit the temple.  His devotion to his duty has kept him as the main priest of the temple since the day when this temple was opened to public. He looks after every single chore and does it with grace thus proving that he has applied himself wholeheartedly in the service of the almighty.

People who belong to Yazali, identify him as a man with patience and extraordinary service attributes. His commitment to service has impressed a lot of worshippers who come to this temple to seek darshan of all the lords that are celebrated here.

He is available at all times and he prefers to be so. For this reason, he has chosen his residence in the proximity of the temple. As with all the other noticeable aspects of this temple, the priest and his service minded approach interests many devotees who make it a point to frequent this temple whenever possible.


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